Welcome to Soundary,
purveyor of new media experiences.

At Soundary, we use our years of cross-disciplinary creative experience to craft media products never seen before.

Our focus is the creation of limited-edition, high-quality objects intended to engage audiences and fans. We are also specialists in experimental software systems designed to put a different spin on conventional media formats.

Not sure what to expect? Why take a look at Soundary's range of Systems and Projects below.


Prysm showcase image

Your record. Uniqified.

Soundary Prysm is a system that brings new value to the old record formats.

Previously, a record could represent just one sonic outcome. Every beat fixed, every note stuck, every word ossified. Every copy the same.

Prysm allows your record to break free and embrace the multiverse of infinite representation. Now, your captured music can have life. Any instrument individual, any part free. Each record unique.

Beyond opening up new creative worlds to artists, a Prysm release gives the fans something completely incredible: a one-of-a-kind musical artefact, one that nobody else anywhere owns.

Welcome to Prysm. The new record experience.


Prism Exhilarated : -otron

Prysm Cassette release
Released November 24, 2017

Prism Exhilarated, the third cassette release from sampletronic producer -otron, marks a world first: the debut music release made using Soundary's Prysm unique duplication system.

Soundary created 50 Prism Exhilarated cassettes in total, with one — the so-called "copy zero", which shares no unique sonic elements with the rest of the edition — being set aside to be used for the digital download.

Each tape is presented in a deep transparent red shell with full two-colour on-body print and hand-numbered J-card. This limited edition of 49 cassettes will never be re-produced: one gone, Prism Exhilarated will be gone.

ROBOT : Dorian Zoyd

USB-enabled tin toy robot
Released February 19, 2016

To accompany his 2016 EP ROBOT, electronic artist Dorian Zoyd planned a special physical release: tin toy robots containing the music of the release in high quality alongside exclusive bonus material, all accessible by USB.

Soundary produced 20 ROBOT robots for Dorian, in blue and orange, each delivered in a custom-stamped tissue-lined box. They present certainly a physical companion to a digital release never seen before.

Futures EP : Adam Jansch

Open Outcome record for iPhone
Released May 23, 2012

Embodying a next-generation record medium known as the open outcome record, Futures EP is a two-track music release for iPhone, designed to present a different sonic outcome every time it is played.

In both tracks, a custom-coded AVPlayer audio system swaps different musical elements between plays. This approach allows each track to have trillions of possible renditions.

Futures EP made up the centrepiece of Adam Jansch's PhD research into the open outcome record, which featured a number of other media works whose formats presented something truly unique.